Trinitarian Family on the way (III): something new is being born

Trinitarian Family so old and so new

The expectations placed in the various Inter-Trinitarian Assemblies are illuminated by the signs of the journey traveled together. Something new is being born in this Trinitarian Family, so old and so new. It is up to us to perceive it from faith, communion, participation and commitment to continue embodying the original inspiration of our Father Saint John of Matha. Inspiration that has been actualized throughout the centuries by our brothers and sisters (priests, religious, nuns and lay people) saints, by Saint John the Baptist of the Conception, by the Venerable Mother Ángela María, and by the Founders and Foundresses. of Institutes and Associations.

Vª Intertrinitarian Assembly of Ávila 2011

The Vª Inter-Trinitarian Assembly was held in "Avila 2011" (August 22-26) with the motto: "Rooted in Christ, we grow as a Family." It closed in Salamanca before the relics of Saint John of Matha, there the message to the Trinitarian Family was signed. In this Assembly we have appreciated the differences that enrich us and the essential unity that brings us together. Reviewing the history of these 25 years, we recognize important progress on the road traveled. At a general level, we appreciate that our sense of belonging to the Family has grown in all areas.

Some proposals as indicators of progress

1.- Review our structures, since we cannot repeat the pyramids of the world, but we have to live in the circularity of the Trinity. As Trinitarians, we must promote co-responsibility in all our structures, relationships and ministries, and explicitly declare the richness and complementarity of our differences, and the essential equality of our vocation. We don't need ideas to execute but let's think together.

2.- Strengthen communion to grow as a family: The Spirit allows us to move from rational conceptions and solid, secure and static intellectual schemes, to life experiences that overwhelm us, that put the heart at stake and ready, that allow the development of the Charism, because they allow the flow of life.

3.- Shared Mission: We believe that in addition to projecting new things as a family, we can share what we already have: share works, participate in what we already do, help each other, promote each other. Support and promote the family projects that we have in hand. They are quite a few, and we must take care of them. We highlight the SIT as a characteristic project of our Trinitarian mission and of enormous relevance. Challenged by the cry of so many people who suffer persecution, we have to resume our co-responsible participation in this organization.

4.- Other proposals that we find interesting, feasible and that we wish to promote: Trinitarian formation in common, working on itineraries and in formation processes; Joint Vocational Youth Ministry, emphasizing the Charism; Information and Communication for communion and to make the Charism known; Exchanges in life and mission experiences fostering participation in the same Charism.

5.- What characterizes us as Trinitarians? Our mission is guided by the definitive liberation of God the Triune that penetrates all the realities where we are present, in different ways and ways, a definitive liberation of God Trinity, God of Love, God of the Family, who leaves no one out. We believe that we all have the experience that being a Trinitarian Family liberates.

Fruit of the Spirit in the Church

Together we build communion. Together we grow as a family. We recognize that our journey as a family is the fruit of the willingness and doing of the Spirit in the communion Church. He is ahead of us on this path. He is breaking down (borders, walls, ceiling…); he goes overflowing where he passes; he flows without ceasing generating new life. The Spirit makes all things new, and makes new things.

VIª Intertrinitarian Assembly of Buenos Aires 2017

The Permanent Council of the Trinitarian Family (COPEFAT), together with the Buenos Aires Organizing Commission, made up of religious and lay Trinidadians, has prepared the Inter-Trinitarian Assembly, "Buenos Aires 2017", with the motto: "Red and Blue Passion: awakening of the trinitarian vocation”. In this Family path, since Majadahonda 1986, we have focused our attention on the Inspiration of Saint John of Matha (represented in the Mosaic) and on the Rule of 1198. Now, in Buenos Aires, they have wanted to put the accent on the Cross Trinitarian, special symbol of communion for all the vocations of the Family.

COPEFAT's message from Buenos Aires to the Trinitarian Family begins with thanksgiving to the Holy Trinity and the Virgin of Luján, and congratulates the Commission for its good work and for having created an atmosphere of brotherhood and sisterhood among all of us. It also offers us a grateful memory of Pope Francis.

From the message of the Permanent Council of the Family

From the beginning of the Assembly, the intuitions that would guide our work were presented, based on a shared mission, which we are consolidating as a family, and a shared vision, which stems from the dream that Saint John of Matha has bequeathed to us. The Spirit has continued to consolidate it in history, through the founders of the Institutes and Associations, and continues to recreate the same Charism today. We wish to continue responding with the same fidelity in our time, attentive to the new slavery and religious persecution.

We have recalled the steps that we have been taking as a Trinidadian family, since the first Assembly in Majadahonda (1986), assuming the proposals and challenges that arose in the successive meetings until Ávila in 2011. In Ávila our belonging and sense of family, the richness of differences, communion and circularity in an inclusive lifestyle, in which no one is left out. We have noticed that this same atmosphere has been breathed in this Assembly of Buenos Aires.

Some echoes like signs of the times

As COPEFAT we have highlighted some echoes that we consider signs of the times through which the Spirit is calling us. One of these echoes is the gestation of a new vocational culture. We want to infect others with our Trinitarian Charism, and that all the vocations of the Family are seeds that multiply this wonderful Charism. For this it is essential to renew our red and blue passion: enthusiasm is contagious.

Recreating our prayer life, cultivating our interiority, and sharing our faith and praise of God the Trinity in community, will help us show the excess of God's love, which urges us to go out to meet with brothers and sisters, with those that God One and Triune summons us on the paths of life.

Another concern is the Family Formation process. We have great resources and personnel that we can make better use of for a common training proposal. The rich sharing of experiences linked to realities of slavery and liberation of so many brothers and sisters who await us, are an encouragement to continue manifesting our faith in a merciful God who goes out to meet the weakest and most disadvantaged. An issue that worries us in a special way is the issue of Trafficking. We would like to carry out a family project in favor of the victims of Trafficking.

Another strong resonance in COPEFAT is to verify the strengthening of our Laity, as an integral and essential part of the Trinitarian Family. We believe that it is a sign of the Spirit, in recent years, which has been taking shape with great force in the diversity of the lay communities. This is also confirmed in the dynamism of the laity that we have perceived in this Assembly.

Fertility of Trinitarian mysticism and prophecy

We underline the importance of Trinitarian prayer and contemplation, so typical of our redemptive mission. Our sisters of contemplative life, always present in our Assemblies, are a guarantee for all of us who are immersed in different apostolates proper to our charism. Their way of life is fundamental for the fecundity of our Trinitarian mysticism.

Our Trinitarian vocation, nourished by our mysticism and prophecy, is reflected in the commitment to the different platforms of our redemptive mission: social, educational and pastoral. All our works of the apostolate are born from the three passions that have challenged us so much: our passion for the Trinity, passion for the persecuted, the poor, the excluded, and passion for the community.

From these echoes, we gladly welcome the contributions of the Assembly itself through the different groups: From the social apostolate they ask us to become aware and train ourselves to better respond as a Trinitarian Family, in the current contexts and scenarios, to situations of slavery. From the reflection group of International Trinitarian Solidarity, they ask that the SIT be proposed as a visible image of the Charism, and be present and united with all the apostolates of the Trinitarian Family. From the group that has reflected on the Trinitarian mission in the field of Education, it is proposed to form a group of representatives of the Trinitarian Colleges in the world to walk together towards a shared vision and mission.

The Trinidadian family tree

We have felt renewed, we have perceived the presence of the Spirit and we feel sent. We want to be faithful to the Spirit that has inspired Saint John of Matha, being witnesses of communion and hope, from the particularities of each branch of this Trinitarian Family. Mary, Mother of Good Remedy, in your hands we place our dreams.

Now, at the gates of the VII Inter-Trinitarian Assembly 2023, encouraged by the messages of Pope Francis to our Family in 2019 and 2022, we are all called to participate and feel co-responsible in a synodal way. Gloria Tibi Trinitas et captivis libertas!!!

P. Isidoro Murciego