The Trinitarian Family makes the Trinitarian charism alive and current!” (Saint John Paul II, 7/4/1988).

The Second Vatican Council marked a new way of understanding religious families. These are made up of all the branches that make up the way of living the same charism. Also the Trinitarian family, through the claim of the Council, challenges itself with its way of experiencing a common path and a universal charism.

The Intertrinitarian Assemblies have been one of the most evident manifestations of this journey. In this sense, during the next few months we will have reflection texts that will allow us to know the route taken so far, specific information on the organization of the event, specific data for registration or training material to introduce us to the environment.

Thus, the objective of this website is to prepare us for the next meeting of the Trinitarian Family to be held from April 12 to 19, 2023. A demonstration that will take us to the origin of the Order, to the steps that our first brothers took to rescue the captives. It will be an appointment with the first centuries of Trinitarian redemption.

Therefore, it will not be an assembly to the case or immobile, it will be an assembly on pilgrimage. Step by step we will find the same contexts of the ancient redeemers. A tour of some cities in Spain and Morocco, until we get to know how the captives were rescued by the Trinitarians.

The motto sums up this whole path: “The imprints of the redeemers: vocation and identity”.

A sincere thanks to the entire organizing team of the Intertrinitarian Assembly 2023. Members who represent all the branches of the Family and who are dedicating themselves so that all those who register (religious, sister and lay Trinitarians and collaborators) can receive the message of redemption for which the Order and the Trinitarian Family were born.

P. Antonio Aurelio, osst

President General Secretariat for the Trinitarian Family. Rome